#3 Ants

Black garden ants do not pose any major threat to our health, but they can become a real nuisance when they enter our homes and workplaces.

Ants often have nests close to the house under paving or patio’s and they are attracted to food, particularly if it’s sticky and sugary.

There are also more exotic species of ants such as Pharoahs Ants which require a very different treatment approach.

Why have I got an Ant problem ? - Most properties have several ant colonies in external areas - Ants constantly forage for food and exploit tiny cracks in the brickwork and mortar to get into your house

Is it true you cant stop Ants from getting into your property ? - No, we can treat your property with a residual insecticide which is highly effective

Will a kettle of boiling water work ? - The boiling water will destroy only a small percentage of the nest - a professional insecticide is the only reliable way to control ants

Are Flying Ants different to Black Ants ? - No, Flying ants are simply mating males and females setting up new colonies

Will the treatment leave unsightly marks on my Property ? - No, the treatment does not stain and is odourless unlike some amateur products

How long will the treatment take ? - Depends on the size of your property but around 40mins

How long does the Treatment last ? - It lasts for a whole Ant season - typically May->October



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