Other Pests


Although the vast majority of spiders are without a doubt beneficial insects due to their habits of preying upon other insects including real and genuine pests, we understand that many people are phobic to a greater or lesser extent. If you really phobic to spiders and you are getting more than just a few then give us a call to discuss the options for control.


These insects are about 1/4 inch long and silver coloured and can be found anywhere but especially where it is damp, as they require a high humidity. A female will only lay about 20 eggs in her lifetime, depositing them in cracks and crevices and the young resemble the adults. They can be treated very successfully with a professional residual insecticide.


Moles can be problematic - as well as the mole hills they create they feed exclusively from common earthworm - to do this they tunnel just under the root structure to get at the earthworth thereby severing the roots killing the grass - we undertake traditional methods of control for Mole.