Household Pests

Rats and Mice are common household pests, which can reproduce quickly and become a major headache.

Wasps, on the whole are useful, they eat garden pests such as greenfly however they can become a real hazard in some situations.


Black garden ants do not pose any major threat to our health, but they can become a real nuisance when they enter our homes and workplaces.

Squirrels can look very cute but they are very destructive pests. If they get into your loft they can cause untold havoc!

Flies will feed from faeces, then food and then back again which can cause bacterial transfer. This is from the hairs on their feet and also from the way they vomit onto their food before eating it – yuk!

There is an now an epedemic of Bedbugs in the UK - they are usually detected by the really itchy bites they leave on the upper part of your body.

Adults tend to be small and golden in colour and tend to hop rather than fly.

Carpet beetles

It's the larvae which cause damage to silk, wool, fur and textiles.

The most common household fleas are cat fleas but are also common on dogs and birds..

These fast moving insects have long antennae and flat oval bodies.