#6 Bedbugs

There is an now an epedemic of Bedbugs in the UK - they are usually detected by the really itchy bites they leave on the upper part of your body.

They are a reddish brown, flattened oval shape about the size of an apple pip and become fatter when they have fed. They are about all year round. Despite their name, they can be found anywhere, particularly where the carpet meets the wall at the head end of the bed or under loose wallpaper.

Bedbugs are very hard to get rid of and professional treatment is definitely advisable if you have this problem.

Why have I got a Bedbug problem ? - If you have purchased furniture it may have already been infested but there can be several reasons

Is it caused by my house being dirty ? - This is not the reason you get Bedbug problems - we treat all sorts of properties for these insects

Is it true you can never get rid of them ? - No, we have excellent results with our treatment for Bedbugs

Is the treatment safe ? - It is entirely safe for you and your family

Does the treatment smell or stain ? - No, the treatment does not stain and is odourless unlike some amateur products

How long will the treatment take ? - Depends on the size of your property but around an hour

Do I have to leave my house after the treatment ? - After the treatment you must remain out of the treated rooms for 1 hour

Do I have to wash my clothes ? - We advise all bedclothes (sheets/pillow cases etc) are washed at +60C for 15 mins but no need to launder your general clothing e.g. coats, dresses etc



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