#7 Clothes Moths

Adults tend to be small and golden in colour and tend to hop rather than fly.

The larvae are creamy white with brown heads and can create a lot of damage to woollens, carpets and soft furnishings. They are about all year round. The first sign of a problem will normally be holes in your favourite woollies or your carpet.

Why have I got a Moth problem ? - If you have purchased certain carpets they may be pre-infested but there can be several reasons

How can I tell I have a problem ? - If you are seeing adult moth regularly then the problem is advanced - most people get textile damage before they see the adult moth so it is best to act fast!

Is it caused by my house being dirty ? - No, this is not the reason you get Moth problems - although it is often advisable to check all those dark hidden places for textile damage

Is it true you can never get rid of them ? - No, we have excellent results with our treatment for Moths

Is the treatment Safe ? - It is entirely safe for you and your family

Does the treatment smell/stain ? - The treatment does not stain and is odourless unlike some amateur products

How long will the treatment take ? - Depends on the size of your property but around an hour

Do I have to leave my house after the treatment ? - After the treatment you must remain out of the treated rooms for 1 hour



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