#9 Fleas

The most common household fleas are cat fleas but are also common on dogs and birds..

The cat variety are reddish brown and about 2mm long. The bites are very irritating and can lead to eczema. If your pet is affected, it’s likely that its bed is host to thousands of tiny larvae. Fleas don’t live on humans but can often bite ankles and lower legs.

Where did they come from ? - There can be several reasons - if you have a pet Dog or Cat this may be the cause - sometimes they just hitch a lift on your clothing

How can I tell I have a problem ? - People react to Flea bites in different ways but people often get bitten on their legs/ankles and the bites have a central puncture mark

Is it caused by my house being dirty ? - This is not the reason you get Flea problems - we treat all sorts of properties for this problem

Is it true you can never get rid of them ? - No, we have excellent results with our treatment for Fleas

Is the treatment Safe ? - It is entirely safe for you and your family

Does the treatment smell/stain ? - The treatment does not stain and is odourless unlike some amateur products

How long will the treatment take ? - Depends on the size of your property but around an hour

Do I have to leave my house after the treatment ? - After the treatment you must remain out of the treated rooms for 1 hour



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